Welcome to Flint & Marble

Hello and Welcome! My name is Erica and Flint & Marble is my blog about life! From crafting, painting, and drawing, to music, travel, writing, and photography, Flint & Marble encompasses who I am and what I love about life! I am so excited to share my blog with you, hopeful that it inspires, encourages, and energizes you to live life to the fullest and to absolutely love it!

5 Quick “Get To Know Me” Questions:

  1. Where do I live? Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in the United States.
  2. Favorite color? Blue
  3. Favorite kind of music? Country, Bluegrass, and Celtic
  4. Favorite animal? Dogs, goats, and owls
  5. One talent I wish I had? The ability to play the guitar.

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